The Geological Survey of North Rhine‐Westphalia (GD NRW) and the Regional Association Ruhr (RVR) founded the GeoPark Ruhrgebiet e.V. as a registered association on Mai 26th in 2004.

Gelogical Survey of North-Rhine Westphalia (GD NRW)

Regional Association Ruhr (RVR)

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Der GeoPark Ruhrgebiet is a member of these organizations:

Workgroup German GeoParks (AdG)

German Geological Society e.V. (DGGV)

Association of German Nature Parks e.V. (VDN)

Aims of the GeoPark

  • Active protection and conservation of the geological and mining heritage of the area
  • Geology-based environmental education of the public through development, protection and presentation of selected geotopes, presentation of regional geology in museums and educational establishments and the issuing of publications
  • Coordination of the various activities promoting geotourism and sustainable regional development, thereby enhancing the image of the Ruhrgebiet
GeoPark Ruhrgebiet e.V.


The „GeoPark Ruhrgebiet e.V.“ is a registered, non-profit association open to every person or institution interested in the aims of the GeoPark. Members recieve our newsletter GeoPark News twice a year.

Besides RVR (as representative body of the region) and GD NRW (as scientific backbone) the network includes local authorities (town and district administrations), universities and museums, representatives of the extraction and mining industry, environmental and conservation organisations, mining heritage groups, scientific societies and tourist enterprises, as well as personal members.

Member-organizations (german)

Executive board

     Chairman: Dr. Volker Wrede

     Vice-Chairman: Michael Peters
     (LWL-Industriemuseum Zeche Nachtigall)

    Secretary: Elke Kronemeyer (RVR)

     Treasurer:  Walter Burstedde (RVR)


     Dr. Manfred Brix

     Vera Bartolović

     Dirk Janzen (RVR)

     Scientific Coodrinator: Ursula Pabsch-Rother (GD NRW)

Statutorily the secretary is appointed by the RVR, and a scientific coordinator is nominated by the GD NRW; both are ex officio members of the executive board.

Advisory board


     Karsten Plewnia
     (Förderverein Bergbauhistorischer Stätten Ruhrrevier e.V.)    

     Other members of the advisory board:

     Prof. Dr. Michael Alber (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

     Raimo Benger (Vero e.V.)

     Prof. Dr. Stefan Brüggerhoff (Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum)

     Nina Frense (RVR)

     Dieter W. Hartwig (Stadt Bochum)

     Dieter Jünemann

     Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Noll (Stiftung Zollverein)

     Dr. Ulrich Pahlke (Geologischer Dienst NRW)

     Simon Reichert (Stadt Bergkamen)

     Dr. Achim Reisdorf (Ruhr Museum)

     Stefan Voigt (AK Kluterthöhle e.V.)

Members of the advisory board of the GeoPark Ruhrgebiet e.V. are representatives of

- regional and local administrations
- environmental authorities
- coal mining industry
- mineral resources industy
- mining heritage organisations
- tourism and economic promotion
- forest administration
- universities
- museums


On the general meeting in 2018 the Workgroup Sustainability was founded, to integrate aspects of sustainability in the activities of the geopark in a more comprehensive way. The group has developed a Sustainability concept, meets several times a year and is open for news members.

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